R E T U R N   &   E X C H A G E   P O L I C Y 退換貨政策


For any products purchased from WakingbeeHK website which you need to return and exchange, please contact us via email wakingbeehk@gmail.com within 7 days after delivery arrivals.   

-      To help expedite the issuance of a replacement, please provide the following information with your pictures:

·      Your Order Number

·      Clear Photos of your defected products

·      Reason for return and exchange

·       Your delivery address for return

-      Any return and exchange will be accepted, except

·      Application of return & exchange after 7 days from order arrivals

·      Price Tag is removed

·      Color difference of products from website photo

·      Any artificial damage of products

·      Non-quality problem of product

·      Discounted products

-      Forany application that fit the return & exchange policy, we will contact you shortly and arrange on returning shipment. The exchange product will be shipped out by SF express once we have received the returning product”

·      If it is product quality problem  OR  un-matched product delivered
The return & exchange will be free

·      If it is relating to a reason of personal issue (eg. Style exchange, color exchange or size exchange)
You will have to pay all the shipping fee on return & exchange

-       If the product to be replaced is out of stock, you can/may exchange another product with the same value.

-       Product in each order can only be exchanged once, exchanged products cannot be return and exchange for a second time.

-       Weonly accept product exchange or refund as store credits to your shopping account at any circumstances. No cash, bank transfer, credit card, paypal or any other kind of payment method for refund would be accepted.


Disclaimer Clause

| Wakingbee HK will not be responsible for any problem caused by improper usage of products by customers.

| Wakingbee HK reserve the right to pause, revise or cancel any terms & conditions with notification.



-      如閣下有需要安排退換商品,請於收貨日起計7天內,電郵wakingbeehk@gmail.com聯絡我們,並提供以下資料:

·      你的訂單號碼

·      有關問題產品的照片

·      詳細說明需要退換的原因

·      退換貨後重新發貨之送貨地址

-      除了以下情況外,均會獲得退換安排,包括:

·      已收貨超過7

·      服裝已剪掉價錢牌

·      商品與網站照片色差

·      商品已受人為破壞、損毀或不完整

·      非商品質量問題

·      減價商品

-      經確認符合以上換貨條款後,我們會通知閣下先寄回有關商品,收到有關商品後,我們會將閣下的換貨商品以順豐速運寄給閣下:

·     如屬於商品質量問題與訂購商品不符:
所有退換貨之運費將有Wakingbee HK負擔

·     如屬於個人因素(更換款式、顏色、尺碼):

-       如需退換的商品已停產或缺貨,閣下可要求換取其他同等價值的商品。

-       閣下只能在同一訂單收據下於指定日期內辦理換貨一次,已換之產品亦不再接受第二次更換。

-       任何情況下,本公司只接受換貨,或以同等價值之購物金方式退還至閣下的個人帳戶內作日後購物使用,恕不接受現金、銀行轉帳、Payme、信用卡等任何形式退款


| Wakingbee HK不會就閣下錯誤或不正當使用商品而引致的任何問題承擔任何責任。

| Wakingbee HK保留無須事先通知的情況之下,暫停、更改、取消任何條款及細則。